Individual Coaching

Just what you think it is. One on one, individualized coaching.

Together we first figure out what it is you really want. With a little digging, your true goal reveals itself. Often it is not the goal you initially thought it was. Only then can we formulate your “Blueprint” (or your Agenda) – I will work with you to unfold it in a way that helps you make more conscious choices. We create a coaching relationship that will lead you toward greater self-awareness and foster healthy and happy relationships.

Group or Team Coaching

Again, just what you think it is, coaching for an entire group.
Similar to individual coaching, we first find out what your team needs. Maybe it’s better communication or more tolerance and understanding. Once we establish the goal, I can help decide if it’s just a fine-tune and hone of an already smooth process or does it need to be something more radical. Group coaching can either be multiple sessions a one-time activity.

Curious about coaching vs. mentoring, therapy, or consulting?

Maybe this will help illustrate how each one operates, and why coaching may be just what you’re looking for!


Are You Ready to Join the Ranks of the Successful who Are Living the Life They Crave?

“Assisting clients in developing the strategy, motivation, and accountability required to succeed in their professional and personal lives.”