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When we see an athlete accept an award inevitably one of the persons thanked is their coach. Or coaches. That’s because most athletes realize they would never reach their full potential without the help of a coach. You’d be surprised how many working professionals feel the same way. 86% of companies say they made more than their initial investment back when they used outside professional coaching.

Are you currently reaching the fullest extent of your potential? If not, then maybe you can benefit from a coach.

My name is April Jones. I’m a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) based in Washington, D.C. Although I do not work exclusively with either gender, I do specialize with women. I help businesswomen succeed in their professional as well as personal lives. To accomplish this, I have developed a 3-stage technique that I (and my clients) have had great success with. The 3 stages are:

  1. Develop a strategy.
  2. Build motivation.
  3. Create accountability (the blueprint, if you will) required for success.

If you have any experience with coaching, you know one of the biggest keys to success is good chemistry between you and the coach. To help us get a head start on seeing if we gel, I’ll give you what would be my answer to one of those questionnaires where they ask you “What would your friends say about you?” I would say (meaning I think my friends would say):

I am independent, determined, analytical and deliberative. Sometimes I can be overly cautious, other times overly calculating. Some friends might label my sense of ethics as unshakable. I can sometimes be introverted. I am truthful, honest and sincere. I love my family and do everything I can to make sure they have what they need.

If you think you can work with someone like that, please, contact me. Better yet, to really see if we work, take advantage of a free coaching session offered here.

I’m not a big chest thumper, but I understand people like to know the coach they are selecting has experience and credentials to do the job. So here is a brief synopsis of my background:

  • Worked with executives from non-profits and charities as well as the corporate world.
  • Vast knowledge of organizational leadership, human capital management and information management.
  • Over 20 years of experience with the U.S. Federal Government in management and information technology.
  • 10+ years consulting experience with non-profit organizations and small business enterprises.
  • Member of the International Coach Federation
  • Certified by the Center for Coaching Certification as a Professional Coach
  • Double Master
    • Science Degree in Information Management with a specialization in Government from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York
    • Telecommunication and Information Systems Degree from Capitol College in Laurel, Maryland,
  • Recognized by Strathmore ’s Who’s Who Global Network for Outstanding Professionals
  • Governor’s Citation by the State of Maryland for outstanding accomplishments and dedicated service
  • Serves on:
    • Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board
    • Professional Women Network (PWN) International Board
    • Board of Directors for the Berry Valley Homeowner Association
  • Member of the National Association of Professional Women
  • Magazines seen in:
    • Black Enterprise
    • National Association of Female Executives

I have co-authored the following publications. All of these books are available for purchase here.

  • Transformation: Reinventing the Woman Within (PWN 2010)
  • The Woman’s Handbook for Self-Empowerment-Lifting Women on a Global Basis (PWN 2009)
  • Remove the Mask! Living an Authentic Life! (PWN 2009)
  • The Journey Within: Self-Discovery for Women (PWN 2009)
  •  Raising African American Girls (PWN 2009)
  •  Life Skills for the African American Woman (PWN 2009)
  •  Raising African American Boys (PWN 2009)
  •  Learning to Love Yourself (PWN 2009)
  • The Young Man’s Guide for Personal Success: For Teenage Boys and The People Who Love Them (PWN 2008)
  • Beyond the Body Developing Inner Beauty (PWN 2008)

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