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April B. Jones is a Certified Professional Coach and author of the highly-rated transformational book, The Life You Crave: The Business of You. Based in Washington, D.C., April specializes in women’s issues, organizational leadership, human capital, and information management. With over twenty years of experience in her field, she channels her professionalism and straightforward honesty into her masterful writing. Combined, these aspects ensure that her wise words of guidance positively impact all who read them.

April has a diverse educational and professional background, from which she draws inspiration for her writing. She holds two Masters degrees: A Science Degree in Information Management with a specialization in Government from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, and a Telecommunications and Information Systems Degree from Capitol Technology University in Laurel, Maryland. April is certified as an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. Impressively, April has also been recognized by Strathmore’s Who’s Who Global Network for Outstanding Professionals and been accepted as a member of the National Association of Professional Women and Federally Employed Women. From these, she learned the value of determination, deliberation, and an honest approach to human relations.

April B. Jones consistently applies her extensive skills and strategies to each new adventure. Her unshakable work ethic and analytical, calculating demeanor opened the door for many of these adventures, including decades worth of service in her field. April has over twenty-five years of experience working with the United States Federal Government in the fields of management and information technology. She also has over fifteen years of experience working with non-profit organizations, charities, small businesses, and corporations. These extraordinary experiences allow her to write with wisdom and truth; she writes and coaches about success from a foundation of personal experience.

Her unique skill set and ambition to help others ultimately led to her career as a Certified Professional Coach. By utilizing comprehensive strategies and a friendly, no-nonsense approach, April helps her clients succeed in their personal and professional lives. Though she works primarily with women, she welcomes all potential clients with the same determination and drive. From a platform of her own professional accomplishments, April guides her clients as they develop a strategy, build motivation, and formulate a blueprint for success. Her ultimate goal is to provide her clients with the tools they need to improve their lives and reach their fullest potential. This goal, along with a series of detailed methods for achieving success and a deep understanding of humanity, is explored in depth in The Life You Crave: The Business of You.

All of her qualifications and professional experiences culminate in her impactful, sincere writing. Written for business professionals, coaching clients, and layman readers alike, April’s books encourage people to get involved in their own journeys. She does not write for the idle reader, but rather, those who strive to make an active difference in their lives. Above all else, her life’s passion is to help her clients and readers achieve the life they’ve always craved.

Alongside her individual endeavors, April is also the co-author of several books through the Professional Women’s Network, including: Transformation: Reinventing the Woman Within (PWN 2010); The Woman’s Handbook for Self-Empowerment (PWN 2009); Remove the Mask! Living an Authentic Life (PWN 2009); A Journey Within: Self-Discovery for Women (PWN 2009); Raising African American Girls (PWN 2009); Life Skills for the African American Woman (PWN 2009); Raising African American Boys (PWN (2009); Learning to Love Yourself (PWN 2009); The Young Man’s Guide for Personal Success (PWN 2008); and Beyond the Body! Developing Inner Beauty (PWN 2008). Much like The Life You Crave: The Business of You, these books provide inspiration, knowledge, and wisdom to all who read them.

April B. Jones’ books are a beacon of light for hopeful readers. In them, she shares invaluable insight earned from her own journey to success. She helps her readers visualize their wildest dreams for the future and plan a way to conquer them using “stepping stones, not leaping stones.” In all of her life’s work, one theme remains clear: it’s never too late to make a positive change in your life. Personal and professional success is attainable with a great deal of hard work and determination, and April B. Jones has made it her life’s mission to help her clients and readers achieve just that – success.


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